hi I'm Rodolfo V. Tuble

but you can call me "Reb",
I may look young *and i am* but remember Don't Judge the book by its cover.
I'm a 4th yr BS Computer Engineering major in Software Engineering student at the University of San Carlos Cebu
I'm a freelance Web Developer *just started to be a free lance-er*.
I do hand coded HTML, CSS, MySQL, and PHP scripts.
I'm currently learning AJAX and JQuery to improved my Web Developement skills.
Oh Right you have to posts your works in a portfolio right?
so here's mine My Manga.
some of my works are school used so i cant show them to you, theyre mostly voting and election system.

Why Pick Me?
its really simple, im addicted to web development so expect your request to be finished before the said deadline, and all my codes are hand coded so i dont do copy paste from the net,
except for jquery and some java scripts since those things are already pre-generated, but expect the php scripts to be hand coded. :)

Contact Me:
Email #1: rtcharm@gmail.com
Email #2: rebbieboi@yahoo.com
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Twitter: Rebbieboi